i laugh harder every time i replay it

Its Pikachu!!!!!!!!

I was feeling all down in the dumps today because this guy in my third hour was asking everyone what they would do if their son was gay and a good majority of them said that they would beat the hell out of him and so the guy proceeded to ask if their daughter was a lesbian and they said that they would be fine with it unless she “went dyke” then they would beat the hell out of her so then the guy asked me and I responded with saying that I might actually like my son above my straight kids for being able to admit something like that and I would treat him with the same kindness and respect as anyone else and I would love him because he is my son so then these girls in the back of the class started snickering at me and every one was calling me a faggot and I was all depressed up until my amazing best friend gave me a picture of my favorite ship and then I was all happy again